Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer? 

Over the past years, the face of DUI charges has greatly changed. DUI before was quite a small offense, unless a person was injured as the outcome. Punishments were limited to potential DUI classes and fines. Cases don’t typically make it into the news.  


Unfortunately, this has greatly changed nowadays. Today, DUI cases carry serious penalties. This includes losing your driver’s license, expensive fines, and long jail sentences.  

You might be wondering if a lawyer is needed if you’ve been arrested for DUI. If you’re going to hire an attorney, will they all be the same? Can you represent yourself in the trial? Well, the truth is that hiring a lawyer is the first thing you need to do if you’ve been arrested. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any Fort Myers DUI lawyers. You have to guarantee that you hire a professional DUI lawyer. They need to have the knowledge and experience needed to alleviate the result of your case.  

How to Hire a DUI Lawyer? 

So, how can you know if a particular lawyer is better than the other? Well, you have to do your homework. How much education and experience in the DUI industry does the lawyer have? What forms of outcomes have most of their cases obtained? How many discharges have the lawyer able to receive? How many DUI cases has the lawyer been to? Every single one of these questions should be answered to make the right choice.  

The correct decision can help you avoid jail time and keep your driver’s license. Furthermore, the right decision can help you drop your case because of incorrect procedures. You shouldn’t leave your DUI defense up to luck. You’ve got to guarantee that you have legal representation. This will help you know and alleviate the penalties that you will face.  

Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer 

To make things simple, your lawyer is the only individual standing between you and severe penalties for misconduct that you might not have committed. You might be under the false idea that the court will have compassion in your case if you only have 1 or 2 drinks. However, that is not the case. As much as possible, the court will pursue aggressively the most severe penalties.  

Fortunately, a professional DUI lawyer can help you avoid the worst penalties. The truth is that an experienced DUI attorney might even be able to dismiss your DUI case. This is particularly true if you fit under particular conditions.  

So, how can an attorney help you? Well, an experienced DUI attorney will search for mistakes in: 

  • Arrest procedure 
  • The first traffic stop 
  • Administration of the chemical test 
  • Administration of field sobriety exam 
  • Calibration of testing equipment 
  • Administration of breathalyzer test 

As you can see, representing yourself in court can be a bit overwhelming. This is particularly true if you don’t have any knowledge in the DUI field. If you do represent yourself, you might end up with the worst penalties. Because of this, it’s always a wise move to hire a DUI lawyer. 



A lot of homeowners understand why it is very beneficial to own a system of solar panels above their roof. There are two most common things why the number of solar panel users have increased in the past years: one is because they could necessarily save energy because they could harness it for free coming from the heat of the sun. Second, solar panels simultaneously save money and save the environment, since it has zero fatal emissions. Although most solar panels power home batteries, there are other things you could use the panels for. One is directly using it for appliances such as water heaters


Water heaters powered by solar energy could not be used in some parts of the world but in America, a lot could actually benefit from it. In fact, the one could necessarily save energy for heating water when done with the use of solar power. If you aren’t impressed with this set of benefits yet, here are some good reasons why you need to have a solar panel water heating system on your home.

1. It is the Right Fit for Your House

Because technology improves almost instantaneously, if you decide to upgrade and grab some solar panels to heat your water for a long time, you have to expect that these solar panel technologies are going to change before you could finally decide to purchase one. Moreover, most of the options are complicated thus, you need to seek professional suggestion like that of a plumber early in the process.

The commonly used type of solar panel is conventionally attached above the roof, in order to maximize exposure to the sun. However, it is commonly alongside with a water tank, making the system heavier. Since not all kind of roof is built with such heavy constructions, finding the right solar panel fit for your home is an essential thing to do.

2. Financial Efficiency 

Most homeowners consider this particular upgrade in order to help the environment, however, upgrading to such will also save you money. Moreover, you could have an additional monthly saving since you also save energy which could lower down your energy bills. And most importantly, solar panels could increase your property’s value.

Thus, installing one could be of great help not only to your monthly financial savings but to your bank account in the long run. Imagine that? You enjoy a pre-heated water without paying as much!

In order to maximize and enjoy your experience with hot water coming from a solar panel, all you need to do is to ask help from a professional plumber. Although you will have to pay for some fees, this could be of great help not only in the installment process of your solar panel, but they would also provide you with professional tips and suggestions on how to prolong the life of your panels.

How cool is that? Thus, you need to choose someone who is reputable and experienced enough when it comes to servicing Solar Water Heating System so that you will experience no guilt in hiring and paying for one.


Natural Carpet Deodorizer You Should Know 

We all want our home to smell aromatic and fresh right? Who wants to live in a house where everything is stinky right? So, we do all the things we can to keep our home fresh and smelling great. A home where everything smells great eases stress we have from work, school or long travel out of town.

Having a great smelling house will also make you feel confident in welcoming your guests because you know the smell is nice and the guests would want to stay in your house because it has the aura of a hygienic and pleasing house. People would have the impression that you are a hygienic person too because you put effort in making your house looks great and smells great.

Having a carpet at home will bring you a lot of benefits, but the maintenance like keeping it clean and deodorized is a struggle. Sometimes, people opt to hire local carpet cleaners to do the carpet job for them. But do you know there are natural deodorizers you can use for your carpet?

Carpet Deodorizer

We all agree that a carpet is an important component of a household because it covers the floor and stairs of the house. It reduces the noise a squeaky stairway brings and it offers a safer household for children and pets. That’s why it’s also important to freshen it up so the aroma of the house will be good and maintained.

However, deodorizers sold in the supermarket have ingredients that are not good for the health of your family. It brings awful toxic chemicals that are not safe and can harm your family’s health. In line with this, we would be sharing with you the natural deodorizer you can make on your own. Say good bye to deodorizers with toxic chemicals and say hello to natural.

What is this Natural Deodorizer? 

You might be surprised if we will tell you that it will only take 2 ingredients to make a natural deodorizer for your carpet. What are these magic ingredients? These are half cup of baking soda and 50 drops of your preferred essential oil. You know why these are good for your home? It’s healthy and helps you get rid of odor, termites and other bacteria that will likely enter your home carpet.

Baking soda can be bought from your nearest supermarkets, or if you have one in your home already you can make use of that. For the essential oil, there are many kinds of essential oils that are available too. Just choose the essential oil that suits your preference when it comes to fragrances, remember that the essential oil’s fragrance will be carried by the carpet and will affect the aroma of the house.

Another advantage you can get from this natural deodorizer is that it cleans the carpet too. Baking soda is considered to be a natural carpet cleaner. The essential oil leaves a good fragrance on your carpet and it also cleanses the carpet. If you don’t have the choice of essential oil, you might want to try the most picked ones which are the tea tree oil and lavender. These essential oils have antibacterial capacities. However, if you have cats or dogs around the house never pick the tea tree oil.