Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer? 

Over the past years, the face of DUI charges has greatly changed. DUI before was quite a small offense, unless a person was injured as the outcome. Punishments were limited to potential DUI classes and fines. Cases don’t typically make it into the news.  


Unfortunately, this has greatly changed nowadays. Today, DUI cases carry serious penalties. This includes losing your driver’s license, expensive fines, and long jail sentences.  

You might be wondering if a lawyer is needed if you’ve been arrested for DUI. If you’re going to hire an attorney, will they all be the same? Can you represent yourself in the trial? Well, the truth is that hiring a lawyer is the first thing you need to do if you’ve been arrested. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any Fort Myers DUI lawyers. You have to guarantee that you hire a professional DUI lawyer. They need to have the knowledge and experience needed to alleviate the result of your case.  

How to Hire a DUI Lawyer? 

So, how can you know if a particular lawyer is better than the other? Well, you have to do your homework. How much education and experience in the DUI industry does the lawyer have? What forms of outcomes have most of their cases obtained? How many discharges have the lawyer able to receive? How many DUI cases has the lawyer been to? Every single one of these questions should be answered to make the right choice.  

The correct decision can help you avoid jail time and keep your driver’s license. Furthermore, the right decision can help you drop your case because of incorrect procedures. You shouldn’t leave your DUI defense up to luck. You’ve got to guarantee that you have legal representation. This will help you know and alleviate the penalties that you will face.  

Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer 

To make things simple, your lawyer is the only individual standing between you and severe penalties for misconduct that you might not have committed. You might be under the false idea that the court will have compassion in your case if you only have 1 or 2 drinks. However, that is not the case. As much as possible, the court will pursue aggressively the most severe penalties.  

Fortunately, a professional DUI lawyer can help you avoid the worst penalties. The truth is that an experienced DUI attorney might even be able to dismiss your DUI case. This is particularly true if you fit under particular conditions.  

So, how can an attorney help you? Well, an experienced DUI attorney will search for mistakes in: 

  • Arrest procedure 
  • The first traffic stop 
  • Administration of the chemical test 
  • Administration of field sobriety exam 
  • Calibration of testing equipment 
  • Administration of breathalyzer test 

As you can see, representing yourself in court can be a bit overwhelming. This is particularly true if you don’t have any knowledge in the DUI field. If you do represent yourself, you might end up with the worst penalties. Because of this, it’s always a wise move to hire a DUI lawyer. 

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